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Theydon Bois Primary School

Baldocks Class

Baldocks Class 2023-2024

Year 1/2

Mrs Creasey and Miss Eldridge



How to Help Your Children


In DT this term we designed and made bookmarks. We used running stitch and some used blanket stitch. Our finished bookmarks were fantastic. 



In science we investigated the five senses. It was great fun and we learned how important our senses are. We ate different crisps and tried to identify how sharp or sweet the flavours were. We identified all the different smells correctly and enjoyed feeling inside the feely boxes. Our string telephones worked well and we used magnifying glasses to enhance what we could see. 





Evolution in Science

We looked at how moths need to camouflage in order to survive. We investigated how over time moths have changed their colours in order to survive predators. 

Tag Rugby

We have worked in teams to develop our skills to tag an opponent and guard our defence. 

Sports Leaders
We have been so lucky to have the help of sports leaders this term helping us to develop key skills in PE. Our focus has been to develop hand-eye coordination and teamwork. 

Our animal masks, inspired by the work of Henri Rousseau

In Computing we have been using different tools to create a picture in the style of Kandinsky.

Firework Poetry

We had so much fun writing acrostic poems about fireworks. Then we made them even better by performing them and adding music. 


Still image for this video

In computing we have been learning how to make careful choices when painting a digital picture.

Learning through Drama

We had so much fun at our Great Fire of London workshop. We explored the events of the fire through drama - our favourite part was creating a timeline using mime and soundscapes. 


We have used our knowledge of parts and wholes to find number facts of a given number. 


In Art we have looked at the work of Joan Miro. We have used printmaking and sculpture to create our own Magical Realism and Surrealist art. 


We can use a mouse to create pictures and shapes


We can recognise technology in the classroom