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Piercing Class

Piercing Class 2023-2024

Year 3/4

Miss Williams



How to Help Your Children

Mental Health Week February 2024

 On Monday 22nd January we went to the Ragged School. The teacher Mrs Perkins was very strict (but acting). At the end of the lesson she showed us some of the punishments from Victorian times. The Dunce hat, back straightener and the fidget stopper.


“Going to the Ragged School was an entertaining trip which offered lots of interesting information.” Amalka


”Going to the Ragged School was really fun and brilliant. I really want to go again.” George S


“It was really fun and scary,” Sophie


”It was okay but Mrs Perkins was strict and the seats were different. “ Emme


”It was scary and good. “ Olive

Thursday 9th January 2024 the year 3 and 4 classes went tree planting in the wild flower meadow. We planted rose bushes they kept on spiking me OUCH!

Our parents could help us.


What you need:

plants, spade, soil, gloves, wellies

1. Dig a hole in the soil

2. Put the tree plant in.

3. Stamp the hole to cover the roots.


“It was really good when we planted trees” Sophie S

 “Really good but my hands hurt!” Polly


Artwork inspired by our visit to St Paul’s

Odd Socks


Still image for this video

Our favourite tongue twisters

Still image for this video


Thank you for all the kind gifts  and donations for the food bank.

Information Writing about the British Museum

Visitor from Epping Forest District Museum

We had a visit from the lady from Epping Forest Museum to help us find out information for our topic on the Ancient Egyptians.

We looked inside a cardboard pyramid and had to work out if the egyptian things belonged to a man, woman, boy or girl. We looked at replicas of the things from ancient Egypt.

Different tables looked at different artifacts. The canopic jars were so good and realistic. You could open and close the canopic jars - luckily there was not anything inside!

In ancient Egypt there were still hair curlers and makeup tools. Another one of the tables had necklaces and jewelry. The necklace was made of clay and metal.

It was amazing.

George and George 


On Friday 22nd September Piercing class went to a tag- rugby tournament. We worked really hard. The A team came fifth in there group of twelve. 

We had some warm ups, then lunch and then we got to play some matches. It was really fun. We worked so hard as a team but the the other teams were great too.

Emme and Rose



Last Friday we went to the Tag-Rugby tournament. There were lots of schools competing. The ‘B’ team got to the bronze medal match but sadly lost in extra time. It was a tough match. The other two teams did good too. We all enjoyed our trip to Upper Clapton RFC, it was very exciting and no-one wanted to go home.

Iris and Daisy 

It was great fun and we learnt lots of new things. I learnt a new tactic, if two people are running towards you spin around them and it will be hard for them to tag you. I pretended to go one way but went the other and I scored a try. It was a very fun day.



At tag - rugby there were 26 teams in total. You need two tags on a belt to play, You can only tag someone who has the ball and you shout tag. They must then pass the ball backwards which is very hard. The best part of the day was playing the games and coming fourth.


Piercing Class September