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Theydon Bois Primary School

School Facilities

We have 12 classrooms, which are spacious and light. We have a well used Computer suite which was partially funded by the PTA. The hall is used for PE, assembly and dining. We are fortunate to have a pottery kiln, a heated outdoor pool, extensive playing fields with running track, plus Foundation, KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. We also have a wild garden with a pond, used for Forest School.


Access Arrangements

Theydon Bois Primary School strives to be sensitive to the needs of every child, reducing barriers to learning and making the curriculum accessible to every pupil.   Reasonable adjustments to physical and other arrangements of the school are considered where necessary, taking into account the nature of any impairment, pupil and parent views and advice from teachers and other professionals.   Prospective parents are asked to inform the school of any disabilities or additional needs their children may have when applying to join the school. Continuing communication between parents and staff is vital to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be considered where necessary, whether impairments were apparent when the student entered the school or developed at a later stage.


At present pupils in all year groups are able to access the building via wheelchair accessible entrances and have access to disabled toilets. The school playground is accessed via a slope and the gate to the playground has wheel chair access. Disabled parking is at the front of the school and is clearly marked.

The governors regularly review access arrangements and monitor the building.