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Ethos and Values

Our Theydon Bois Primary School



Never Give Up



Encourage Others


Do Your Best



Primary Education = seven years that will inspire a lifelong desire for learning!


Walking through the doors at Theydon Bois Primary, we know what to expect and we feel welcome, valued and included. We see the ethos on the walls, hear it in the voices of our friends and teachers, and feel it in the smiles on our faces. It helps us through the challenging times, and when we might otherwise have stalled, motivates us to drive forward.


We are thankful for a staff filled with enthusiasm, high expectations and a passion for children’s learning within a community of challenge and support.


Our Adults are inspired professionals driven to deliver a Top Class Curriculum which nurtures exceptional conditions for learning. Great experiences unfold in and out of class. They strive to enthuse our children with a love for learning, and an ability to celebrate success in a safe and happy school.


Our Children are curious, creative and courageous. They thrive in the face of challenge. No challenge is too big, no problem too difficult; they know what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they can improve. They are partners, recipients and active participants in the learning process – ALWAYS engaged and looking forward. In a nut shell, they are inspirational young people!

Our Doors  of learning, opportunity and inspiration are open to every child in our school. We promise to make sure that no door is closed to you (our children). We want you to have a life bursting with choice. We will make sure our exceptional teaching means that you will make great progress in all areas of school life and enable you to follow your interests and passions. Some doors will be big and heavy – difficult to open. These doors take time, patience, effort, trust and resilience, but we promise to help you and support you so you will find the way through. We will celebrate your successes in many different ways so you know you are valued and your efforts are recognised. Whichever pathway you take will lead to another door – each being colourful and exciting.


Our doors of opportunity are outward looking taking into account a huge variety of themes and interests, for example:


Imagine opening a door and finding yourself on the edge of:

A lush wildflower meadow, a beautiful green forest, a sparkling blue swimming pool, an allotment bursting with vegetables, a sport field surrounded by a trim trail…or find yourself opening the doors of our library bus where you can be carried away on adventures through reading great books…or opening the doors of our pigeon loft where the flight of our pigeons can take you on new adventures…or just spending time in our outdoor kitchen creating culinary delights…


At Theydon Bois Primary School, your pathways and doors will have no limit!


Our TERRIFIC Values underpin, and help us to live our ethos:



To consider the needs of others



To be keen, eager and interested



To make good choices and accept the consequences of poor choices



To be polite and care for yourself, others and our environment



To respect the ideas and feelings of others



To be welcoming and kind to others



To wonder about the world



To be independent, have a go and do your best