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Pakes Class

Pakes Class 2022/2023

Year 2

Miss Rogers and Mr Gallagher



How to Help Your Children


In Computing, we were learning to experiment with sound using a computer

We listened to Gustav Holst Neptune and drew what we felt or imagined. 

The dark part made me think of a cave and the ahh part made me think of heaven. Matthew

I thought about the different animals, that might live on Neptune. Ellis

It sounded windy. Ronnie

It was windy loud and cold. Angelica


Pakes at the London Mini Marathon

In Computing we have been learning about  how music makes us feel. We listened to some of the Planets Music by Gustav Holst and could describe how it makes us feel.

Jupiter we felt, relaxed, joyful, refreshed, dramatic and thundery, it was loud and peaceful and made us want to dance.

I liked Venus because it was calm and gentle. Esme

I didn't like Mars because it was deep and dark. Theodora 

I like Jupiter and Mars because it was dramatic. Alice

I didn’t like Jupiter because it was very electric and loud. Ronnie

I liked Jupiter because the music was relaxing and I like more dramatic music. Jemma



In Computing this  first spring term, we are learning how to program. We have to describe a series of instructions as a sequence, explain what happens when we change the order of instructions and  use logical reasoning to predict the outcome of a program.

In Computing we have been using different technology to photograph objects around school, and of our friends. We used a program called Photostory 3 to add our images to create a video called me and my friends.

Me and My Buddies

Still image for this video

Me and My Friends

Still image for this video

Cross Country

Pakes class enjoyed taking part in cross country with all of the other children in Year 2.


We have been using denes to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers.

Capture the Flag

The Gunpowder Plot

We enjoyed our workshop learning about Guy Fawkes.  We travelled back in time to learn about the history of Bonfire Night.

Art - Van Gogh's Sunflowers