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Piercing Class

Piercing Class 2022/2023

Year 3/4

Miss Williams



How to Help Your Children



Collecting the Royal Pigeons

Mango Ice Cream 

The Allotment 


The Coronation

Making Corn Bread

Computing - Using software to edit images

We have learned how to edit images using We could change the colour, and add or remove parts of the image.

In Computing we have been learning to change the colour in digital images.

Food Technology in the Outdoor Kitchen

First of all we had a recipe that we had to follow. We used sugar, butter and flour to make our cookie dough. Then we got chocolate chips and put them in the mixture. Finally we baked them in the new oven in the outdoor kitchen.


Outdoor Kitchen

I love the outdoor kitchen. It is a really great place. I like it because I like to cook and it was nice working with a team. We made chocolate chips cookies because we are learning about American food.


Questions for Sir David Attenborough

Still image for this video


Moving Monsters 

True and false Questions by Josh

First we got a piece of paper and wrote a question with the answer true or false.

Then we stuck ins by true and false.

Next we put crocodile clips at the bottom.

You need a circuit with a bulb.

If you get the right answer the bulb will light up.

World Book Week- Poetry

This week we have shared poems, written our own verse for “From a Railway Carriage” and performed “The Owl and the Pussycat”.


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On Thursday 2nd March, Piercing class went on a school trip to the National Army Museum. We had time to eat and look around but then we had to go into a room full of painting and sit down on colourful cushions. Then a nice lady called Olivia came in and explained why the army would use robots. We all were sorted into groups and given an iPad and a robot. Each had its own name. My group had one called Artie and I’m sure there was an Elizabeth and a Bobbie in there somewhere? Anyway, we were sent to a particular area of the room where there was a piece of paper with a mission for us. Before that Olivia (the class teacher, not the one in our class) had showed us how to use the blocks on the iPad to program the robot. My group had to get Artie around a green box (camp) and when we had done that we had to repeat it 3 times! Just like Ollie (Olivia’s robot) the little engines were very chatty. It took along time to get Artie around the box and we never managed to repeat it 3 times but it was a fun team effort and worth a try!



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We went to the National Army Museum on Thursday. It was brilliant! First we had an amazing break time at the tank on the outside. Sadly we couldn’t touch the tank. After we went into the hat gallery. Then a lady came in and told us loads of facts about the army. Then we had a quick toilet break! After we went into “Do you want to be a Soldier?” There was a massive screen and it told you what to do like march. After that it was mainly exhibits. There was dogs, guns, swords, tanks, helicopters, medals and body parts if you lost them. After we had lunch, then we went to the workshop. We learnt how the army use robots. Then we had a go!


Today we walked to the green to take part in a pancake race. It was very fun to do and to watch our friends. When our turn was over we cheered for everyone. We had to flip our pancake and then run and flip it as we ran.

Francesca and Sienna

On the DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit)

On the train it was quite slow but it speeded up and we went to Ongar. Then we went up a hill so we traveled through the forest and at top it stopped and the driver went to the other end of the train to drive us back. We had lunch on the train and went to the signal box where some of us pulled the levers and the signals move up and down and helps the driver know where to go.

Olivia F 

Which sweet melts quicker?

The materials we used were two paper towels and four sweets.
Next we held the sweets in our hands and timed how long they took to melt.

Then we recorded the times. 
Finally we were allowed to eat our sweets after it had melted. 😋

Josh and Ronnie

In Art we have created mandalas in nature inspired by And Goldsworthy

We had a good starting position. Vinnie

I love gymnastics and making up sequences. Olivia

We liked working together on our sequence. Reeva

I enjoyed the travelling. Fintan

We liked making up and performing our sequence. It was fun. Layla and Shayna

We will improve by doing it in time. This is why I love gymnastics. Josh

In computing this spring term we are learning to identify that accuracy in programming is important, create a program in a text-based language and explain what ‘repeat’ means. We have used logo to create basis shapes and Mandala patterns.