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Bawdsey Manor Year 6 Journey 2024

Friday traffic is slowing us down a bit, it is looking like it is more likely to be 4:45pm ish for our arrival. 

Thanks :) 

We are heading home - Current ETA: 16:35 Please keep checking as I will post any updates here.

Friday 24th May 2024


Our last day at Bawdsey Manor. 

After an early breakfast, we are off to start our final two activities: archery tag, Jacob’s ladder and giant swing. The sun is shining and everyone is smiling having fun. 

Happy Birthday!

Friday 24th

Thursday 23rd May 2024


After another restful evening, and a dry morning the children are ready for another day of activities. 

They have been learning survival skills in the woods. We even saw a baby owl! As well as this some children have had a go at climbing to the top of the climbing wall, clambering up Jacob’s ladder and using the giant swing! 


Wednesday 22nd May 2024


After a very wet, but quiet, night, the children are well rested and ready to tackle the activities this morning: some groups are enjoying a costal walk whilst the others are ready to take a leap of faith in the trapeze activity. 


This afternoon the children are canoeing and problem solving. They have shown excellent leadership and listening skills to solve many of the puzzles as a group! 

The children have all written their letters home and they have been sent today. Watch out for them - hopefully they will bet us home.

They have also received their letters from home today and enjoyed hearing from you. 

We are enjoying ourselves around the campfire tonight where we are earning some songs and even get to have a toasted marshmallow!


Canoeing and Problem Solving

Ready for the morning activities - Weds 22nd

Tuesday 21st May 2024


A great morning for the y6 pupils of Theydon Bois.

All 4 groups got to try out the ‘Navy Seal’ (quoted by Alfie Y) challenge course and the zip line. 

The children are now enjoying some free time before lunch and are off to the field to play some football.  

After lunch, all the  children got the chance to abseil down from the tower. We had some very proud children at the end who pushed themselves out of their comfort zones.


For dinner, we had a Katsu curry which was a big hit for lots of the children, and the adults!


The children had a great evening running around the site using their map skills to find different flags and answer questions about different countries. Ted’s “waiting for permission to taxi” impression of a plane was a highlight, closely followed by George’s impression of a crash landing. The children worked well together to find out the answers and had a lot of fun. 

The children then enjoyed some biscuits and squash again before bed time. :)  


Tuesday - Zipwire

Tuesday - Challenge Course

Monday 20th May


We arrived safely at Bawdsey Manor and settled into our tents. After a site tour and some time to unpack we went off into our groups for our first activity: Costal Walk or Disc Golf. 

After dinner we had a great evening activity: PGL tournament and then some squash and a biscuit before bedtime.  Take a look at the pictures of the beautiful sunset 🌅! 


PGL Tournament-Monday Evening

Pictures from day 1 - costal walk

Monday Disk Golf