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Blackacre Class

Blackacre Class 2022/2023

Year 1

Miss Shine



How to Help Your Children


In Computing we have been using different technology to photograph objects around school, and of our friends. We used a program called Photostory 3 to add our images to create a video called me and my friends.

Me and My Friends

Still image for this video

Me and My Friends

Still image for this video


In DT we have been learning about moving pictures. We made our own moving animals using levers and pivots.


This week we practised addition using a number line and counting the jumps.


We were fortunate to have a specialist PE teacher from the West Essex School Sports Partnership for our PE lesson this week. Blackacre absolutely loved learning how to walk, balance and jump elegantly like a gymnast. They learnt how to walk with pointed toes, crawl like a bear and stand up straight after jumping off of the apparatus. They had to try and hold a balance for at least 3 seconds before jumping onto the mats.

English - The Elves and the Shoemaker

Over the past couple of weeks we have learnt the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker off by heart. We drew our own story maps and also rewrote the story independently.


We have been learning the story of the birth of Jesus. We did some role play and hot seating to act out the story.


We had lots of fun making repeating patterns with shapes. First we made patterns with 2 shapes and then the children were challenged to make a pattern of 3 or more shapes.


This week we practised teddy bear, log and egg rolls.


We started thinking about moving pictures this week and made our own pictures with sliding mechanisms.


This week we practised subtraction using part-whole models and counters. We also practised writing subtraction number sentences.

English (onomatopoeia)

This week we learnt about words that sounds like the noise they make. The children had a go at writing their own and by the end of they week they wrote their own acrostic poems for ‘Firework’.


In music, Blackacre have been learning to sing The Friendship Song.

The Friendship Song

Still image for this video

Black History Week

To celebrate Black History Week, we learnt about a special author called Malorie Blackman and learnt that she won a fantastic award for encouraging lots of children to read and enjoy literature. We then listened to one of her books ‘We're Going to Find the Monster!’.

History - The Gunpowder Plot

We have been continuing our current topic and this week the children learnt about who Thomas Percy was and why he was involved in the plot. We designed our own ‘wanted’ posters to help King James in his search for Thomas Percy.

Science - identifying the uses of plastic and metal

We have been learning about which objects plastic and metal are used for and their properties.

Maths - parts and wholes

We have been learning about parts and wholes in Maths. We started this unit by using counters to separate the parts and putting them together to find the whole amount. We then used part-whole models to represent different amounts and add them together.