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Blackacre Class

Blackacre Class 2022/2023

Year 1

Miss Shine



How to Help Your Children



Today we practised our throwing skills and used the correct technique to throw different objects at distance. We had 5 different stations (sponge balls, bean bags, tennis balls, foam balls and javelins). We learnt to all throw at the same time and only collected our object when told it was safe to do so. We learnt to stand facing sideways and point our other arm towards the direction we wanted to throw to. Great throwing everyone!


Today we were practising our jumping skills. For our starter, the children worked in groups to create their own jumping sequence for the class to watch (big jump, small jump, hop, step, leap etc). We then had different challenges to try and get across the river in different ways, e.g. fewest number of jumps, with a run up, 2 feet to 2 feet, 1 foot to 2 feet, 2 feet to 1 foot. We used our arms to help us jump as far as possible.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


We have been learning to experiment with sound using a computer. We drew our thought as we listened to Neptune by Gustav Holst


The end was angry - Rhys

Space ship going to Neptune - Jude

Happy at first then scared Barney

Climbing a mountain and lightning hit the mountain and it tipped over - Luke

Blue sunset - Margot

Rocket going to Neptune - Callum

The beach  I heard the sea and the waves Emelia

The sea crashing into the palm tree - Teddy

A haunted house and a rocket going off to Neptune - Louis

The sea and a plam tree - Filip


Coronation Tea Party

Fun at Forest School

Blackacre had so much fun at Forest School today. We made crowns out of natural resources and a clay tile. 🌳

Blackacre at the London Mini Marathon


Today we were finding a quarter of a shape or object. We practised shading one quarter of different shapes. We then had fun cutting a slice of bread into quarters. 🍞 

Planting Seeds in Science

This half term we are learning about ‘Growing Plants’. We all planted our sunflower seeds and can’t wait to see them grow! 🌻 ☀️ 

Fun on the Library Bus! 📚 🚌 

In Computing we have been making music and learning how it makes us feel. We could describe how the music by Gustav Hoist, made us feel using lots of adjectives, like scared, dark, deep, strong and relaxed.

Geography - Weather

Our new topic this half term is learning all about the weather. We had a fun mini lesson introduction this morning, using a wind vane to observe which direction the wind was blowing in. 🧭💨

Happy Easter!

We had lots of fun making our own little Easter bunnies. 🐰🐣

DT - Fun in the outdoor kitchen!

Today in DT we continued our topic on fruit and vegetables. We had so much fun going over to our outdoor kitchen to make our fruit salads. The children all remember the safety and hygiene rules when preparing food and carefully cut them. They really enjoyed eating their fruit salad too! Well done everyone! 🍎🍌🍇🍍🥝🍓🍊

Geography Fieldwork Week

This week is Geography Fieldwork Week. Year 1 had lots of fun doing some orienteering in the playground. First they had to follow instructions given by a partner to complete an obstacle course. Then they used compasses to find North and drew it on the playground, as well as followed positional and directional instructions. 🧭👍

Author Visit - Natalie Newman

This afternoon we were very lucky to have Natalie Newman, author of Lark the Shark, visit us! The children really enjoyed listening to the story and learning about why it is so important to recycle, reduce pollution in the sea and look after our environment. 🦈🌊

D & T

Today we were examining, tasting and describing a variety of fruits and vegetables. I was so proud of how many children tried new fruits and vegetables for the first time and enjoyed them! They tried pomegranate seeds, kiwi, mango, dried apricots, courgette, mushrooms, cauliflower and mange-tout. We had different adjectives laid out on the tables and used them to describe each piece of food. 🥭🍊🥒🥬